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Who is the best workers' compensation attorney?

We get this question fairly often, and it’s no surprise. If you’re looking for a lawyer, why wouldn’t you want the best? The answer, however, isn’t that simple. The best lawyer for you is likely not the best lawyer for your friend or cousin or neighbor.

The “best” is defined by your specific situation. It depends on your injury, your expected recovery, your employer, how the injury will affect your future, where you live, whether your case is disputed, whether it will go to trial, and many other considerations. For example, if you have a unique injury, you should look for an attorney who has seen your type of case before. If you have a disputed case, your best bet might be an attorney who has a good track record with hearings before the particular judge or arbitrator on your case.

When we help people find an attorney for their work injury claims, we also consider an attorney’s years of experience, history of success, customer service, and even their personality. Our goal is a good fit. We believe it’s the key to finding the best attorney for you.

One thing for certain is that a lawyer who only handles work injury claims should be preferred over a jack of all trades attorney that is doing work comp, DUI’s, divorces, bankruptcy, etc. Workers’ compensation laws are always changing and to be on top of the law you really need a firm that is narrowly focused in their practice area.

Finding the best attorney for you is one reason why we as lawyers started a nation wide network of tough, experienced work injury law firms that have a track record of success. People come to us to find out who is right for their case and who will give them the best chance of a good result.

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