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Our goal is to match people who have good claims with injury lawyers that are experienced, reputable and have a track record of success. We are attorneys that fight for their clients, speak in plain English and have had great results for those who have hired us. We have created a nation wide network of like minded attorneys who only handle injury cases, provide great customer service and handle their cases as if every client is a family member or friend. This doesn’t guarantee a result, but we believe it gives you the best chance of success. We listen to your situation and recommend the best lawyer for your needs. Feedback from past clients helps shape this network of injury attorneys.

Experienced, respected, clear,
honest and ethical.

The lawyer has extensive experience in a certain area of law and a proven track record of success.

The lawyer treats the client with respect and as an equal partner.

The lawyer clearly explains the law to a client and helps the client make an informed decision based on all of the possible outcomes and alternatives to resolving a matter.

The lawyer communicates with his client. This includes regular written correspondence, returning phone calls and letting the client know of all settlement offers and developments in the case.

The lawyer is honest and ethical. He/she has a clear understanding that no matter what a case is potentially worth, no case is worth committing a violation of the law or state bar ethical rules.

The lawyer makes decisions in the best interests of his or her client, not based on what is easiest or most convenient for his or her schedule.

The lawyer has a strong reputation in the legal community.

Who We Won't Refer You To

There are many good attorneys in the United States. However, there are some lawyers that, even though they may be financially successful, do not conduct themselves in a manner that reflects well upon the legal field in general. Some examples include:

  • Lawyers who prey upon the fears of their clients.
  • Lawyers who talk down to their clients and fail to answer their clients’ questions.
  • Lawyers who don’t return phone calls (either to their clients or opponents).
  • Lawyers who have their support staff contact the client on important issues rather than call the client themselves.
  • Lawyers who don’t make it clear to their clients what options are available to them.
  • Lawyers who don’t communicate all important developments.