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Immediately recommend an attorney who we have gotten to know through our creation of a nation wide network of tough, experienced attorneys who have a track record of getting great results. Nobody pays us to recommend them, we will only refer you to lawyers we have great faith in and who have proven that they are elite.  We can’t promise a result, but do promise to treat you like a family member or friend.  The network we have created has collected billions of dollars for their clients.
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We will always refer you to an injury attorney that has become a trusted colleague over the years. IN EVERY CASE, we recommend a lawyer that we believe can best handle your specific case, whether litigation is involved or not. If we don’t know anyone for you, we won’t give a name because we’d rather give no recommendation than a bad one.
We do not randomly recommend lawyers. Rather, we always recommend the attorney that we believe can help you better than any other lawyers that we know of. NO ATTORNEY PAYS US OR CHOOSES TO BE A PART OF OUR REFERRAL NETWORK. We choose them based on their credentials and we monitor their performance.  If their performance suffers we will stop recommending them.  The feedback we get from people like you as well as the case results determines who we continue to recommend.