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We are injury attorneys. We have created a nationwide network of like-minded law firms that really fight for their clients. We help people find the right injury attorney for their case. Every attorney we recommend has a track record of great success. No one we refer is affiliated with our office.

No. There are plenty of websites that allow lawyers to pay to be listed. That should scare you as those listings have nothing to do with the quality of the lawyer. We recommend attorneys that we personally know and have proven that they get the best results possible for their clients. In some cases, we do receive a referral fee from the attorney with your permission in writing. This does not come out of anything you would receive and is customary when one lawyer refers a case to another lawyer.

Attorneys that handle injury claims work on a contingency basis. That means that you pay nothing upfront, and if they do not recover any money for you, you owe them nothing. Their fee is a percentage of what they recover for you and is dependent on them achieving a settlement or favorable judgment. You should never pay for a consultation or for the attorney to handle your case. In addition, some states limit the amount that the lawyer can receive depending on the type of case.

This is the time limit that you have to file a case. For example, if there is a two year statute of limitation, after two years, your case is barred no matter how strong a claim you would have had. Many statutes of limitation start from the time you knew or reasonably should have known that you may have a case. To protect yourself, we recommend that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Remember, it doesn’t cost anything to consult with a lawyer on an injury case.

If you are injured, the most important thing to do is seek medical care. When you go to the hospital or to the doctor, make sure to give an accurate history of how you hurt yourself. We recommend that you keep a journal that documents your injury, who you spoke to, the doctors you have seen and any other relevant information. We also recommend that you preserve evidence and take photographs when appropriate. A good attorney should guide you through all of these steps.

We review the background, experience and accomplishments of the attorneys and speak with them about past cases that they have handled. In some cases, we speak with their peers and colleagues. No attorney chooses to be part of our network of lawyers that we recommend. We choose them. These lawyers have good track records and many have achieved settlements or verdicts in excess of $1 million.

Yes. We will not disclose any information to the potential defendant or any other third party that will not be potentially representing you in the case. We will share, in some cases, what you tell us about your claim with the lawyer we are recommending. This is to help them have a full picture of your situation  when they give you a free consultation.

Every case is different, but generally speaking, a lawyer will review your medical records, speak with witnesses, review accident reports and analyze how the injury has affected your life.

That depends on the state that you are in and the percentage of fault that is assigned to you. You should meet with an attorney to learn about the laws in your state. Quite often being partly at fault does not disqualify a claim. In fact, in job injuries, fault usually does not matter at all.